New Jersey's Liberty Tower*
World's Tallest Structure
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Pictures shown are of CN Tower in Toronto. This is the type of tower that makes the most sense for New Jersey.
*This is not the official name. This is just the name that I have come up with

Why we need the Tower...

The NY broadcasters need to replace the antenna that once stood on the top of the Twin Towers. The tower must be built within 3.2 miles of the former Twin Towers.

What are the options...

Currently there are two plans. One is for a 2000ft tower in Bayonne. The other is a very modern, sleek tower with observation deck, museum, and hopefully a restaurant. This tower would also be linked to the Liberty Science Center

The tower will get built, it's just a matter of where and what the design will be...more

What will the Tower do for New Jersey...

• The New Jersey Liberty Tower would be a world renowned symbol for New Jersey.

• It will attract the many tourists from New York who would not have previously thought about taking the ferry trip over to New Jersey.

• It will become an advertising vehicle for New Jersey tourism

• It will offer many educational oppurtunities by being linked with Liberty Science Center...more

Who we are...

We're a small band of people, but growing, that are in support of the Liberty Science Center's tower design.

We are trying to get the word out and garner more support for Liberty Tower. This is a grassroots effort - so anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Things you can do...

Spread the word. Write to the governor and your legislators. Sign the online petition...more

All pictures are from the CN Tower WebSite and are copyrighted by them.