New Jersey's Liberty Tower

Tower Educational Opportunities at Liberty Science Center...

Science and Technology of Broadcast Communications
The building that houses the broadcast equipment, its staffing and operations as a unique interactive component of modern technology.
Exhibition and programming links as part of a new communication theme experience that includes editing and broadcast studios, a video wall featuring TV images of science and technology happenings around the world, explanations of digital sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, sound frequencies, radio and TV transmission.

Aided observation of pre-human regional geography, shoreline changes with urbanization/reclamation, Liberty State Park's history, ocean-estuary-bay interactions.
Urban planning, transportation systems, sprawl, congestion, trends, collaborative environmental planning, sustainability considerations.

Lower Atmosphere
Instrumentation to give continuous data feeds of weather, UV, pollen, and pollution variables at various heights for interactive live displays and regional broadcasts, urban microclimates.
Solar energy, Earth's annual revolution and daily rotation, sunlight and the seasonal control of day length, geometry of tower shadows in the form of a giant sundial.

Hurricanes, nor'easterns and thunderstorms as the region's main natural hazards.

Migratory Birds
Monitoring of this tower's impact as a research contribution.

Nesting sites provided up on the tower with videocams.
Flyway routes, why and how birds migrate, endangered species.
Impact of tall structures, clearinghouse for research that better understands bird impacts of skyscrapers and towers and ways to mitigate their effects.

Time lapse photography and other filming of construction to document the event.
Meaning of vertical and gravity.
Engineering, tools, equipment, industry careers.
Sway and vibration of tall buildings.

Science of Scale
Mathematics, powers of ten, macro and micro scales.
Height, weight, distance.
Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic modeling.

Remote Control and Virtual Reality
Personally control and zoom cameras of predefined and interpreted famous features in the panorama that illustrate science and technology principles.
Virtual reality headsets to simulate in 3D and high-definition the nature of atmospheric turbulence and hang gliding off the tower to visit and understand major science and technology features in the region.
Latest surveillance technologies.

Emplyn Koster, PhD, President and CEO, Liberty Science Center; 11/02