Letter in Support of
New Jersey's Liberty Tower
in Jersey City

This is just a sample letter. Please change it as you wish.

The NY Broadcasters are going to build a 2000ft tower in Bayonne or Jersey City. Right now they only want to build an ugly basic steel structure. Liberty Science Center wants to have it built near them on the edge of Liberty State Park - with a very nice modern sleek design and educational programs. Here is a sampling of some of the educational ideas...

1) Exhibition and programming links as part of a new communications theme experience that includes editing and broadcast studios, a video wall featuring TV images of science and technology happenings around the world, explanations of digital sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, sound frequencies, radio and TV transmission.
2) Urban planning, transportation systems, sprawl, congestion, trends, collaborative environmental planning, sustainability considerations. (what better place to demonstrate this than from the 1500 ft high observation deck - students will be able to see all the way to the Pocono Mountains)
3) Solar energy, Earth's annual revolution and daily rotation, sunlight and seasonal control of the day length, geometry of tower shadows in the form of a giant sundial.
4) Flyway routes, why and how birds migrate, endangered species.
5) Sway and vibration of tall buildings.
6) Height, weight, distance. Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic modeling.

Currently, Liberty Science Center is planning on a multi-level observation deck, which will provide about 500 square feet of exhibit space on each floor. They also plan on including exhibit space at the base and possible classrooms. There will be a glass walkway that links the LSC with the tower. This will go along the edge of the wetland area - and include an observation area and interpretive center.

Right now - the broadcasters want to only put up the steel structure. I am trying to get support for Liberty Tower that is being STRONGLY supported by Liberty Science Center. The tower is going to go up regardless - it's a matter of New Jerseyans declaring and letting the governor and NY broadcasters know that we want a tower that brings benefits to New Jersey.

The Liberty Tower design will be a great benefit to New Jersey tourism, the states prestige and by being associated with Liberty Science Center - will provide many many educational opportunities.

New Jersey has a great opportunity here and it would be a terrible thing to lose. It still looks positive that we can get the governor to support the tower - but we need people to indicate their support of Liberty Tower to him.

For additional information please go to http://www.AboutNewJersey.com/NJ_LIbertyTower/.

If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for any help you can provide in this.

Thank you -