New Jersey's Liberty Tower

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What will the Tower do for New Jersey...

The New Jersey Liberty Tower would be a world renowned symbol for New Jersey and bring a sense of pride to the state.

It will attract the many tourists from New York who would not have previously thought about taking the ferry trip over to New Jersey.

It will become an advertising vehicle for New Jersey tourism

It will offer many educational opportunities through Liberty Science Center.

New Jersey's Image around the country and world...

New Jersey has a severe image problem around the country - one that is exacerbated by the media, which is made up of the same companies that have come to New Jersey to build a tower. I have lived in six states, from New Jersey to Oregon and have visited 40 of them. Everywhere I have gone I have had to endure the New Jersey jokes and snide comments about our state. Just on Friday, January 17, 2003, the WB's show "What I Like About You" revolved around ridiculing New Jersey...more

Will New Jersey tax money be used...

No tax money will be used for the building of the tower. The Metropolitan Television Alliance is paying for the construction. "The Television Alliance members were paying $9 million a year in rent to the Port Authority for the the use of the World Trade Center antenna mast and had offered the same to New York City, pay for rebuilding Governors Island's infrastructure, pay for the creation of a school of journalism within the City University of New York and give free space to radio transmitters for the Police and Fire Departments." Staten Island Register August 2002 NewJersey should accept nothing less than an equivalent deal. New Jersey can NOT afford to pass up an opportunity like this.


The New Jersey Liberty Tower would be a focal point for all our tourism. Using the tower as a draw for tourism - we can then advertise the state to a wider audience. Museums displaying the history of New Jersey can be included. Incorporating Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Central Railroad of New Jersey, Liberty Science Center, Liberty Tower and Liberty State Park itself - can all be used as a way of drawing more tourists further into New Jersey and showing them all that this state has to offer.

Getting to New Jersey's Liberty Tower...

There is easy access from Manhattan Island to Liberty State Park already in place. Public transportation is provided by the PATH System, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and NJ Transit for New Jerseyans as well as NY Waterway Ferry for access from Manhattan. Liberty State Park is right off of the New Jersey Turnpike for those traveling by car.

Look at the CN Tower in Toronto and The Space Needle in Seattle and see what these attractions have meant for those areas. CN Tower gets 2,000,000 visitors a year and has just celebrated it's 25th year.

What will New Jersey's Liberty Tower look like...

The designs haven't been released yet, but I have been able to see them and I'm just waiting on word to include the pictures on my website. The design is a sleek, modern tower - with a very small footprint. There will be a glass walkway which links LSC with Liberty Tower. This walkway will be raised and skirt the edge of the wetlands. It will also contain an observation 'bubble" and interpretive center overlooking the wetlands.

At the base of the tower - Liberty Science Center plans on providing exhibit space and possible classrooms. Glass elevators will wisk visitors to the observation deck - around 1300 - 1500 feet above the ground. Tourists then exit the elevtators on the top floor of the observation deck and walk down a gradual inclined walkway which spirals down to each floor. The observation deck is 6 stories - floor to ceiling glass, wrapped around with no obstructions to the magnificent view it offers. The observation deck is right out of the Jetson's. In the center of each floor is 500 ft of exhibit space for the many educational and scientific displays. On the lowest level - visitors get back on the elevators to return them back to earth.


Liberty Science Center hired a polling company to ask New Jerseyans what they wanted. They discovered that New Jerseyans "overwhelmingly support placing the world's tallest structure next to Liberty Science Center"... Poll Results

Emlyn Koster, PhD, President and CEO of Liberty Science Center issued a letter explaining why Liberty Tower should be built in Liberty State Park.-->Liberty Science Center Letter

Please - sign the online petition and show your support for New Jersey's Liberty Tower and send a message that New Jersey wants and will not accept anything less than a tower with an observation deck.