New Jersey's Liberty Tower

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Why we need the Tower...

To replace the broadcasting antenna that was atop the Twin Towers.
Must be built within 3.2 miles of the former Twin Towers site to avoid having to go through the Federal Communications Commission process again.
Required for HDTV broadcasting.

Who needs the tower...

The Metropolitan Television Alliance (formerly the New York/New Jersey Broadcasters’ Coalition), an association of 11 local stations.
Mostly serving New York customers.

What are the options...

There were initially 6 sites (4 in New York and 2 in New Jersey) - right now the broadcasters are favoring New Jersey...


Red Hook, Brooklyn
FAA flight path issues.

Governors Island
Rejected by Mayor Bloomberg who has plans to use the island for University of New York.

Hunters Point, Queens
FAA flight path issues and the land is slated for the future Olympic Village for 2012.

Roosevelt Island
FAA flight path issues



Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne
This is the site the broadcasters currently favor.

What the Tower will offer...
Standard TV antenna - with one exception - it will be 2000 feet tall and viewable from 20 miles away.
Park built around the tower
Virtual reality theater at the base to give visitors the feeling of being up at the top.

Will offer nothing to New Jersey
FAA approval required because of possible flight path issues.

Outside the 3.2 mile radius.

Liberty State Park, Jersey City
Liberty Science Center is currently fighting for this site. The broadcaster's are currently against it because of the observation deck.

What the Tower will offer...
Observation Deck at the 1200 - 1500 ft level, which will give visitors a view all the way to the Pocono Mountains and give a complete view of Manhattan Island.
Museum and educational opportunities in conjunction with Liberty Science Center
Possible Restaurant
Tourism Dollars
World renowned symbol of New Jersey
Vehicle to showcase New Jersey and attract more tourists
Design is very a nice, modern, sleek tower with a small footprint
No tax money will be used.

NY Broadcasters don't want the observation deck.
FAA approval required because of possible flight path issues.

Why should I care...

If we don't fight for what is good for New Jersey - then no one else will. The decision of the tower will not only affect us - but will affect New Jerseyans for generations to come. We, as New Jerseyans, should have a say on what gets built and make sure that it is something that all New Jerseyans can be proud of.